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Discussion about Servo Motor?How to select servo?


To define servo in simple terms, it is basically a control system. In technical terms of RC cars, it is an electronic device that controls RC cars by regulating its motion. In other words, servos are the mechanical motors in your RC cars.

The conversion of an electrical signal into linear or polar movement is the function of RC servos. Let’s study an example to understand it better.

A steering wheel of an RC car carries a control signal to the car, it is then decoded and sent over to the servo. The servo then rotates its drives shaft when the signal is received and this rotation is converted into the wheel steering.

A small but an important point to note here about ‘DSpower servos’ is that the black wire is the battery ground (negative), the red wire is the battery power (positive), and the yellow or white wire is the receiver signal.


Right now, this seems like a long and complicated process but this process happens in a matter of seconds or even less than that.

Also, let’s discuss another important question while we are discussing servos. What servo should you use for your RC car? There are two main factors you need to keep in mind for choosing servos which are speed and torque.

We suggest you to go for the high torque servos if you are confused. It is also wise to follow the guidelines of the kit manufacturers, as they give suggestions according to the specifications of your RC car.


If you had a large powered aircraft on the other hand, micro servos are not appropriate even though they offer 38oz/in of torque like HS-81. Additionally, smaller servos are more fragile than standard servos because of thinner gears.


Post time: May-24-2022